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The Lotus Flower

The Lotus is considered one of the most sacred plants in the world. But what is it about this bloom that makes it oh-so-special?

The Lotus has a life cycle unlike any other plant. Growing naturally in ponds and river waters, the Lotus starts out with its root deep in mud and dirt. To blossom, it must make its way up through the murky water until it breaks the surface. 

The Lotus submerges every night back into the water and re-blooms the next morning.

This daily process associates the flower with rebirth and spiritual enlightenment in many cultures.

In Buddhism, the journey of the Lotus is said to mirror our own spiritual journeys.

Mired in suffering (samsara), our spirits start out like a Lotus bud, tightly closed and buried deep in darkness. 

By living through Buddhist virtues, and working our way through life experiences we can slowly open ourselves to enlightenment.

In Buddhism, the Lotus is also regarded as a symbol of non attachment, as it remains firmly planted in the mud while growing high above the water's surface, unsullied by the dirt surrounding it.

With its daily process of life, death and reemergence, it is no wonder that the Lotus holds such a strong symbolic meaning.

The Lotus flower also has a fascinating will to live. Fun Trivia: A lotus seed can withstand hundreds of years without water, still able to germinate.

In the late 90s a team led by UCLA scientists travelled to Xipaozi, China, to search for ancient Lotus seeds. 20 seeds were collected, all dating back between 200-500 years.

To the surprise of the researchers, all of the seeds that were tested for viability germinated!

No matter your personal beliefs, the journey from a muddy seed to a glorious blossom offers the hope that something beautiful can grow from suffering, that we too will eventually bloom. 

The Lotus was and is a token of perseverance and hope, a reminder to always trust in the unseen path that leads to the sun.

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